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Celeb Icon Awards
because pretty icons need to be awarded
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21st-Sep-2008 04:59 pm - Nominations are OPEN!
michelle williams
Here it is, the official opening of celeb_iawards. This is an icon awards community focusing on icons featuring celebrities. Join the community and nominate your favorite celebrity icons. You can nominate actors, actresses, musicians, bands, models and socialites and even your favorite celebs in your favorite tv or movie roles.

There are plenty of outstanding celeb icons out there, so go on and nominate to your hearts content :)
21st-Sep-2008 04:52 pm - Winners
This is the winners' Hall of Fame. When the winners will be announced they'll be added into the table below.
winner below the cutCollapse )
21st-Sep-2008 04:36 pm - FAQ & Suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment here with anything you might want to say :)
20th-Sep-2008 02:49 pm - Affiliation
kristen bell
This is the affiliation post. If you'd like to affiliate your icon awards, icontest or challenge community with celeb_iawards, please comment to this post :)
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