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Celeb Icon Awards

because pretty icons need to be awarded

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| celeb_iawards
Welcome to celeb_iawards, an icon awards community focusing on icons featuring celebrities.

The awards will be given out bi-monthly (once in two months). You will have roughly a month to nominate icons you think deserve to be awarded and then about three weeks to vote for your favorites before the winners for the round will be revealed.

Nominations are open until 1st August 2010
Voting will be open 2nd August 2010 - 22nd August 2010.
Round 2 nominations will open shortly after the winners of previous round have been revealed.

| categories
Best Overall Icon - - - best of the best
Most Original - - - unlike anything you've ever seen
Best Female Celeb - - - icons featuring female celeb
Best Male Celeb - - - icons featuring male celeb
Best Pairing/Group - - - icons featuring non-fandom pairs/groups
Best Candid - - - icons featuring candid or event photos
Best Fandom - - - icons featuring celebs in a tv/movie role
Best Crop - - - icons with creative cropping
Best Coloring - - - icons with intense and beautiful colors
Best Black & White - - - icons in greyscale
Best Brushes & Textures - - - icons with unique and pretty brushes or textures
Best Text - - - icons with text used in innovative ways
Best Simple - - - icons that are simple yet fabulous
Best Animated - - - icons with animation
Best Emotional - - - sad, angry, overjoyed, in love...
Special Category - - - Best Summer Icon [changes each quarter]
| guidelines
There is no minimum or maximum number of icons you can nominate. You can nominate just one or 20. However, to spread the love more, please do not nominate more than 2 icons per icon maker, including yourself. It is very much appreciated that you'd nominate also someone else's icons when nominating your own :)

Please, let the icon makers know that you have nominated their icon/s. This is not only polite, but gives them the opportunity to vote in the awards and to perhaps nominate some more icons for the round.

Do NOT in any circumstances hotlink the icons you nominate. Upload them to your own server or to a free image host (such as tinypic, photobucket or imageshack).

An icon that has been voted a winner in any of the categories, cannot be nominated again.

Post all icons you nominate behind the lj-cut, except up to three teaser icons. Please use the nominating template when nominating your icons.

nominating template: (copy and paste to your entry [html - not rich text]

When nominating remember to write down the username of the iconmaker, the category in which you are nominating the icon and naturally post the icon. All nominations missing any of these vital bits of information will be discarded.